Oxfordshire Green Party

Alison Williams, candidate for Northfield Brook

I am a trade unionist and Chair my local Branch of UCU. I moved to Oxford to work 13 years ago after resigning as a Labour Councillor on Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council disgusted at the war mongering and increasingly right wing policies of the Labour Party.

I have been active in many national and local political campaigns for over 36 years underpinned by Green values and ideals becoming a member of the Green Party several years ago.

The Green Party is the only socialist alternative in local or national politics with wide ranging polices for improving all aspects of working people’s lives.

Local and national priorities that we all need to defend and extend are:

  • Removing the anti-democratic processes introduced in Oxford by the Labour controlled Council to make it more accountable to you the electorate.
  • Ensuring we have the finest local and national NHS service regardless of ability to pay for treatment.
  • Promoting lifelong access to best quality state education free for us all.
  • Subsidising solar and other energy saving power to make sure elderly and working people have lower energy bills and a greener more healthy environment.

The Green Party is the only political party which can implement policies to improve the quality of life for us all.

If you care about your environment, giving your children a quality education, work opportunities and you want a healthier life in Oxford—Vote Green.

Alison Williams