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Mohammad Tariq, candidate for Bicester North

My name is Mohammad Tariq. I’m a Tutor by profession. For the past 21 years, I have lived in Oxford. I have been educated here as well in other countries around the world. At the moment, I am working as a Tutor – (Self-Employed). My elementary education has been based in science subjects. Other than that (Science subjects) English Literature, Politics, History and mathematics have been my preferred topics. I did my O/A levels with flying colours, in the faculty of science. My family urged me to study Business Management abroad. My father decided to send me to Montreux, Switzerland. I was quite mesmerised by beautiful Swiss hotels and tourism in Alps. I decided to choose them as my profession. I joined a well reputed Hotel Management Institute in Montreux near Lausanne, Switzerland. After studying there I worked for some hotels.

In 1992, I was married. By 1997, I became a father of three children. Worked around at various temporary managerial positions, I secured an excellent position in Management with a leading company in Restaurant Business in Oxford in 1994.

In 1997, I joined the university and I obtained my B.Sc. (Hons) from Oxford Brookes, Oxford. Right from early age, I was avid about law and I found it quite an insinuating struggle to fulfil it. Opportune enough, I am at this moment, doing Post graduation in Law at London. I wish to be a Barrister in a few years’ time.

With the passage of time, I had been involved in social work in voluntary capacity, i.e. helping local communities etc. Fortunately, I have worked with the very abled and intelligent people on the Local Housing – IMP (Involvement Monitoring Panel). I acted as the Deputy Chair to IMP over a year. It was utterly a dismal as well as a frustrating experience to learn that how inadequately the City Council was managing the ‘Housing Involvement’ side of it. I have been an active supporter of Labour for a long time, but the Party’s sheer neglect of its ordinary people and its incompetence made me and a great majority of my family and friends, feel absolute melancholy about their policies. Especially, wars on Iraq, Afghanistan and now planning to instigate a war on Iran. Billions of pounds are being spent to gain nothing, but to support USA and war-loving countries. I lost faith in New Labour as it is clear and joined Green Party. I am so glad that I am with a party that (the least) does not:

  1. Monger unnecessary wars – or jump into other countries’ wars,

  2. Destroy environment by increasing pollution


GREEN FOR LIFE! That’s me! 


Mohammad Tariq

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