Oxfordshire Green Party

Jenny Tamblyn, candidate for Ploughey

Jenny Tamblyn is standing for the Green Party. Jenny retired from her work as an Occupational Therapist and moved to Lower Heyford a year ago. She had a leading role in developing services for both Occupational Therapy and Sensory Services and managed these services for many years.

Jenny is passionate about Green Party ideals and the development of hundreds of 'Green' jobs in the clean energy industry. She is a committed Vegan for humanitarian reasons but also because of her strong belief that it is the most sustainable and eco-logically-sound way of living. Jenny has converted her home to be as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Without a Green presence on the County Council there will be no viable opposition to unremitting, punishing cuts and the privatisation of public services. Vulnerable people are being further disadvantaged. We have a duty to future generations to leave a legacy of greater sustainability and safety.

Jenny Tamblyn <jenny@tamblyn2.orangehome.co.uk>. Tel. 01869 340 664 or 07773 262 099.

Jenny Tamblyn