Oxfordshire Green Party

Glyn Sparkes, candidate for Kirtlington & Kidlington

Green values – of Social Justice, Egalitarianism, Grassroots Democracy, Human Rights, Non-Violence, Environmentalism, & Sustainability – have been my lifelong values, too, & are, I believe, the values of the majority of Britons.

I've campaigned:

  • against Apartheid in South Africa, & against the National Front in this country, in the 1970s & '80s;
  • against Thatcherism in the 1980s, then against Neoliberalism in the 1990s & 2000s;
  • against Wars, Oppression, Corruption & Impunity, & FOR Human Rights, Civil Liberties, Democracy, & International Law, in the 1990s & ever since;
  • (I've also picked up a couple of B.Sc. degrees, in I.T. & Management, & an M.B.A., on the way).

As a father, I'm immensely concerned about the world we're passing on to our children:

  • not only are our Economic, Financial, Tax & Political systems warped & unfair;
  • & not only are our Human, Civil & Democratic Rights increasingly under attack;
  • but our Moral Authority as a society to set examples & standards for others around the world, has been disastrously eroded & corrupted, by venal politicians serving the interests of greedy corporations & powerful individuals, rather than serving the interests of ordinary people & families.

As a society, we need to move on from the catastrophically unsustainable, & ruinously failed, economic & political clichés of the past – as embodied & championed by the Conservative, Labour & LibDem parties.

Only the Green Party can offer the alternative, value-based vision that Britain needs, to begin to create sustainable & fair solutions & systems, & to build a better, & freer, future for all.

Glyn Sparkes