Oxfordshire Green Party

Laura Rival, candidate for Wheatley

I have lived in England for the past 20 years, in Oxford since 1998, and in the parish of Stanton Saint-John for the last three years. I have been an active member of the Green Party since 2001. As a social scientist, an educator, and a participant in various community action groups, I have come to realize that the formidable challenges we face require concerted political action. The Green Party is the best option we have to defend the planet with fairness and equity. We urgently need to put in place policies that will not only move us out of recession, but that will also trigger the transition to a sustainable future.

There is a wealth of talent and cultural diversity among the people of Oxfordshire, and many enterprising communities. Mindless urban sprawl has so far been contained, and city and village life are both contributing to the dynamism of the county. Yet, the county is increasingly feeling the brunt of the linked economic, environmental and social crises that are hitting the United Kingdom. Vital public services are being cut, deepening inequality. Short term planning and lack of vision are threatening to deliver the wrong development in the wrong places.

Laura Rival