Oxfordshire Green Party

Andrea Powell, candidate for Wallingford

"I have lived in Benson for 15 years with my husband, a local organic vegetable grower, and have worked at CABI in Wallingford for 22 years. I am active in the local community as a School Governor at Benson Church of England Primary School and a member of a local singing group. I have strong family ties to the Green movement, as my brother-in-law is a Green Party Senator in Australia and he inspired me to join the Green Party about four years ago. I work at CABI as the Executive Director for Publishing, but am actively involved in CABI's international development work, where we have a particular focus on reducing crop losses caused by plant pests and disease. We have also pioneered the use of biological control for the management of invasive species and the reduction of pesticides and other chemical controls. A particular interest is the use of mobile communications technology to deliver practical, evidence-based information to smallholder farmers in developing countries."

Andrea Powell