Oxfordshire Green Party

Rosie Pearson, candidate for Burford & Carterton North

Rosie has lived in Oxfordshire since 1997. She grew up in West Sussex, studied at Oxford University, and has worked in PR, journalism, education, philanthropy and the arts. She lived in Western Kenya for a year and in Jamaica between 1988 and 1997.

Since 1998, she has lived with her two daughters at Asthall Manor, near Burford, and has been trying to justify the large carbon footprint of the house by filling it with interesting and life-enhancing events, including the celebrated exhibition of sculpture in stone, ‘Onform’.

Rosie has been a member of the Green Party for six years. An optimist by nature, she cannot believe that human beings cannot find a more generous and harmonious way to live on the earth than that which is currently considered normal. She is inspired by a vision of a future which is not only cleaner and fairer, but also happier, less stressful, and more creative.

Rosie Pearson