Oxfordshire Green Party

David Newman, candidate for Biceest West

Dr. David Newman is a practical scientist and engineer who worked on biomass energy in the UK and Kenya, starting a new industry in energy-efficient stoves, producing 25,000 a year. In Belfast he helped community groups and businesses to make effective use of the Internet, and councils and parliaments to consult electronically, running €0.5 million international projects. In Oxfordshire he set up the learning technology for a new degree in public policy and has been helping older people learn to master computers.

He would like Oxfordshire councils to be as efficient and transparent as others he has advised around the world. Don't cut services, instead improve them. It is time to bring Oxford County Council and Bicester into the 21st century. Imagine if:

  • Chinese visitors to Bicester Village had already learned about the rest of Bicester from a web site before they travelled. Instead of a quick visit to buy luxury goods, they would stay and spend time in Bicester, taking in sights and spending money in local businesses.
  • You could quickly book council services online or by phone, and get an instant response as the citizens of Liverpool do.
  • Bicester people could choose how to spend your council taxes through online participatory budgeting systems, as done in many German towns.
  • Instead of commercial housing developments on MoD land, lets have integrated sustainable new villages, including houses, jobs and community facilities in walking distance, and local heating networks (with heat pumps) to lower energy bills.
  • Oxfordshire County Council joined in international projects to improve the economy and environment, rather than just cutting services every year.

Too many councillors don't have the vision or expertise to take Oxfordshire into this century. Improve the average quality of councillors: elect Green councillors.

David Newman <elections@greenoxford.com> Tel. 077707 35474.

David Newman