Oxfordshire Green Party

Graham Newell, candidate for Otmoor


  • Graham Newell
  • Candidate for Bicester Otmoor
  • 52
  • Bicester resident for approx. 10 years
  • Green Party member for about 15 years
  • Self-employed


Areas in which I feel could benefit from my Green perspective are :

while there may be a need for new houses to be built, I feel that too often the quantity and location of new developments could be improved. Simply locating large numbers of new houses on greenfield land can be a mistake. Factors such as the impact on already congested roads and nearby flood risk areas should be taken into account. Given that current uptake of new housing has slowed, maybe building smaller numbers of houses on brownfield sites would be preferable.
although this is a national issue, it does have an impact on our area. In my opinion, benefits will be limited and the money earmarked for this project would be better spent either improving the existing rail service or given to more deserving services, of which there are undoubtedly many.
Local businesses and shops
I believe wherever possible these should be encouraged in as many ways as possible. Employment of any kind is desirable but not only does this provide employment for local people, it can also keep profits earned in the local area.
there is little doubt that in this period of economic strife the sins of the few are being visited on the many. Unfortunately this means pressure on budgets and some areas will suffer. We must be careful that the choice of traditionally easy targets for cuts are placed under close scrutiny, as some, such as libraries for example, once lost will be difficult to reinstate once things improve.

Graham Newell