Oxfordshire Green Party

Hasan Miah, candidate for Cowley

My Name is Hasan Miah, I am 30 years old with a small family of two, one daughter and one son. My oldest is 6 while my youngest who is the son is just turned 3. I am a resident of Littlemore and have lived in the area for over a year but am standing as a candidaite in Cowley due to having worked in that area for over 8 years.

I was born here in Oxford and know of the area very well, having been born here Oxford is my home & I have come to love the city.

I had worked in the past with the Youth Service and local Children Centre's & also have a Degree in Youth & Community Work which I am very proud off.

As a youth worker I am heavily involved in Youth Matters here and around the Country, at present looking to move into Charity work within the Muslim Community as in my past work with the Youth Service my speciality had been working with Asian/Muslim young people and areas around Social depervation of these young people.

I have been a Green Supporter/Member for many years and believe in the principles of the party as they are in-line with my roots as a Muslim as I feel we are all coustodians of each other and if we do not look after the Earth or even the Places we live will are responsibale for our own doings and need to be aware of our surronding s and look after them as Human beings first and foremost which I believe based on the princples of the Greens we can do this which stands for
fairness, equlaity, freedom & Justice.

Hasan Miah