Oxfordshire Green Party

Lizzie McHale, candidate for Leys

I am a self employed single mum working in the performing arts - I also have 2 PAYE teaching jobs.
I am lucky enough to live in a council house so I can afford my rent.
I work hard, pay huge amounts of tax, rely on Child Benefit to cover the Fuel bill and put my duties and responsibilities as a parent above all else.

I am standing for election because every aspect of my family's life is under attack by this government.

I decided that I could continue to lie awake at night in fear for our future, or I could so something about it.

The Green Party are the only party to offer any kind of viable alternative to the decimation of our public services and destruction of our communities by the other parties.

Austerity is a lie - it is an excuse perpetuated by the rich to roll out their agenda of universal privatisation which will make them richer and us, not just poorer, but destroyed by their puerile legislation.

Take a risk - chose life not lies.

Lizzie McHale