Oxfordshire Green Party

Fiona Mawson, candidate for Bicester Town

I joined the Banbury and Cherwell Green Party last year as in the last local election I was faced with the choice of just 3 candidates from the 3 main parties and for the first time I really couldn't bring myself to vote for any of them. I had to do something about this situation and wanted to help other wards so people could have an alternative voting choice.

I've been living in Oxfordshire for 20 years, although I was born in Derbyshire and have lived in London and the USA. I have a degree in Applied Biology and have been running a retail business in Oxford and London for 25 years with my long-term partner. I know about being self-employed, dealing with the banking sector, corporate landlords, the pressures put on today's retail sector including job opportunities for people, interaction with the local community and the responsibilities retail has on the environment.

13 years ago I had breast cancer which changed my life in many ways. My B.Sc helped me to understand why I developed breast cancer, how I could deal with it and also help prevent it coming back.. Being a patient in the NHS made me realise what a fantastic and treasured health system we have in the UK and 13 years on I'm still cancer-free. It also made me look closely at food production systems and how they affect health and the deep and damaging impact they have on our planet. I became vegan because I felt that it was the only logical step to take to help my disease, the state and well-being of the environment and the poverty found in other countries because of unbalanced farming. I also wanted to disassociate myself from the many malpractices found within the animal production systems found here and abroad.

The Green Party is the only party seriously looking at new technology and new systems to cope with the many problems we now face in employment, housing, spiralling energy prices, dwindling public services and transport. Fresh idea's from a forward thinking 21st century party which we can all be part of to help keep the next generation safe.

Fiona Mawson