Oxfordshire Green Party

Chris Manley, candidate for Banbury Ruscote

Chris Manley, 43 years old, works as a Career Consultant at one of the UK’s leading universities and has lived in Banbury for six years. He has been involved in campaigning on issues related to justice and environmental issues for over 15 years.
Chris was delighted to find in the Green Party a comprehensive political alternative, focusing on justice and respect for the environment.

He says: ‘It’s easy to become completely disillusioned with the whole political process. The tired old parties attempt to fob us off with nineteenth century solutions to twenty-first century problems. How many people really believe that allowing greedy people to be even greedier will somehow make the rest of us better off, or that more things will make us happy, or that economic growth for ever is somehow possible on a planet of finite resources? There is a serious alternative, and it’s called the Green Party.’

Chris Manley