Oxfordshire Green Party

Richard Howarth, candidate for Headington

Richard Howarth has been active in the green movement since university, when studying physics at UMIST (now the University of Manchester). Passionate about making the world a more sustainable and just place he has worked with various grass roots social enterprises. Most recently he was as a core member of Goldenfuels, Oxford's biodiesel co-operative, producing more sustainable transport fuel from the region's used cooking oil. He has lived in Headington for the past 41/2 years and is now an assistant accountant at Oxfam.

Richard strongly supports good quality public services, and is a member of the Green Party as the only significant party opposing the cuts. He believes in strong local democracy, and giving local people a meaningful voice, and so has been shocked at the recent abolition of local Area Committees and their replacement with single councillor 'committees'. He believes the Greens are the only real opposition in Oxford, and their increased representation on the city council is essential to check Labour's dominance.

Richard would be incredibly proud to be elected as Councillor for Headington and join the increasing number of Green representatives at city, county and national level. He would be delighted to see Oxford follow in the footsteps of Brighton & Hove, Britain's first Green controlled council.

E-mail: richard@greenoxford.com

Richard Howarth