Oxfordshire Green Party

Sam Hollick, councillor for Holywell and candidate for Didcot East and Hagbourne

"I stood as the Green Party candidate in Holywell ward because I believe in a City that meets everyone's needs. As a councillor, I will work continually with students and residents for greater equality – so that all can afford the basics such as enough food and clean, decent housing."

From opposing the government's attempt to raid pension funds, to campaigning against the health reforms that doctors described as causing "chaos in the NHS", Sam has actively campaigned against the Conservative-led coalition's plans to make people pay for the financial crisis caused by irresponsible banks.


Sam is an agricultural labourer, and joined the Green Party after joining efforts to stop the NHS sell off. He is standing for the county council election to defend local services from Tory cuts. Sam also wants to see the council do more to promote jobs in Didcot and the rest of the county.

If you'd like to hear more from Sam, or have any questions, please contact him by e-mail: sam@greenoxford.com

Sam Hollick