Oxfordshire Green Party

John Haywood, candidate for Banbury Grimsbury & Castle

John Haywood is again standing for the Green Party in Banbury Grimsbury and Castle, this year for the County Council Elections in May. John is a 64 year old retired Director of Student Services at the University of Northampton and has lived in Banbury for 29 years and for 20 years taught and managed student services and tutoring support at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College, Banbury. He has been Vice Chairman of a local secondary school and used to represent Neithrop as a Labour Councillor on Cherwell District Council. He is currently “resting” from the role of voluntary Fundraising Officer for the local branch of Samaritans. He is Vice Chairman of the Banbury branch of the U3A and Chairman of the Banbury and Cherwell Green Party.

John believes the radical social and economic as well as the environmental policies of the Green Party are essential to create a more equal and safe society and hopes his broad experience can contribute to the development of a sustainable local economy. The Greens are the only alternative to the currently Conservative controlled County Council in opposing cuts and the privatisation of services.

John’s priorities for representing the people of Grimsbury and Castle are to:


  • strengthen the co-ordinating role of the County Council in ensuring all our schools provide excellent standards of education for all our children – including funding for breakfast clubs, more nursery and after school provision and stronger literacy and numeracy programmes in primary schools.
  • include academies in co-operative local authority networks.
  • encourage multiculturalism in schools and to discourage segregation on religious grounds.
  • support the County’s Adult Education provision by reducing the cost of vocational and non vocational courses.


  • support the introduction of 20 mph zones in all residential areas and improve provision for wheel and push chair users.
  • encourage cycle use e.g. with more cycle lanes on roads and street cycle parking
  • work with rail companies to improve services and cut costs between Banbury, Bicester and Oxford
  • to improve the integration of rail and bus services
  • to ensure adequate bus services are provided for out of town developments.

Social & Community Services

  • Prevention is better than Cure (& Cheaper!)
  • Adequate funding to improve Lunchclubs, befriending circles, healthy living advice, physical recreation, arts, drama and general recreation for all disabled –including the elderly.
  • Village and neighbourhoods to be helped to provide activities and befriending networks for all in need especially the lonely
  • All GP surgeries to have at least one session per week providing first class benefits and services advice
  • Funding for Advocacy services
  • Proper support for unpaid Carers: e.g planned and adequate respite care

John Haywood <a.j.haywood@hotmail.co.uk>. Tel. 07785 235715

John Haywood