Oxfordshire Green Party

Kevin Harris, candidate for Grove and Wantage

I was born in Wantage hospital, attended Garston Lane and King Alfred Schools and have lived most of my life in Wantage. I work at Oxford Brookes University as a computer analyst. I have stood for the Green Party previously in Wantage at town, district and county council elections. My other interests include playing classical guitar and folk fiddle and running for White Horse Harriers.
I believe that the character of Wantage and Grove is under threat from many directions with large scale developments and facilities being moved out-of-town.
● Loss of facilities - we have lost the registrar office, the courts, the one stop shop, etc, all causing inconvenience and travel to those who want to use them. This
centralisation of facilities must stop.
● Housing developments – I am opposed to any new large scale housing developments in our area.
● Green spaces – Wantage has only 60 percent of the green space it should have as recommended by the NPFA. This is the worst in the county. More must be
● Road safety – I would like to see 20 mph speed limits in residential areas where the residents want them.
● Wildlife – conservation must be a major consideration in planning decisions.
● Cycle tracks – we should have more of them and where possible dedicated ones.
● Open government - I believe in greater participation of local people in decision making and openness in all council procedures.

For more information or to offer help in the election or to join the local Green Party please contact Kevin Harris, 10 Foliat Close, Wantage, tel 764302,

Kevin Harris