Oxfordshire Green Party

Mary Franklin, candidate for Deddington

I was brought up near Banbury, and after university (BA and PhD in European Studies and German) returned to Oxford to work in publishing. I have worked as an editor (mainly freelance) for 35 years, and I have lived in Oxford and in Clifton, near Deddington, for most of my adult life. Although I am living temporarily in Oxford for family reasons, if elected I will return to live in the Deddington area as soon as it can be arranged.

As a pupil at Banbury Grammar School, I received an excellent education, completely state-funded, and this is a debt I feel I need to repay by working to give everyone a decent chance in life – something that during my lifetime seems to have becoming increasingly remote. I strongly oppose the current trend towards the privatisation of education, and think it is vital to keep education, as well as the health service and fire service, in public hands.

From childhood on I have loved walking in the north Oxfordshire countryside. It has been sad to see the decline of so many species of flowers, insects and birds, and I feel that we must adjust our approach to food and farming to make biodiversity a priority. It is also important to find ways to support small farms in order to safeguard the employment they provide, boost the local economy and reduce food miles. Rural areas also need better public transport and affordable housing if communities are to survive and not just become dormitories for the affluent.

I have long been concerned about reducing waste and energy consumption, and living in Oxford when my family was young I co-founded Wolvercote Recycling Group and was active in Low Carbon Wolvercote and the community orchard. Joining the Green Party was the logical next step, and I have campaigned for the Greens for over 15 years. 

I believe that the Green Party is the only political party capable of the radical rethinking that is needed to deal with the challenges we currently face. In a world where so many political decisions seem either illogical or inhumane, only the Green Party sees the economy, the environment and human dignity as interdependent.

In local politics this vision can be translated into effective action through the Green New Deal, creating jobs in environmental and socially focused enterprises such as schemes to reduce energy consumption; through encouraging biodiversity; and through fighting the cuts, privatisation and the reduction of the powers of local councils. 

My specific aims on the council will be to:

  • pursue the Green Party's costed proposals for a small increase in council tax to protect the most vulnerable people in society and improve insulation;

  • improve local bus services, aiming especially for more commuter and evening services;

  • repair the pot-holed roads; look at how they can be made safer for cyclists; and introduce 20 mph speed limits to more residential areas;

  • encourage small-scale, low-cost, energy-efficient housing schemes in villages;

  • encourage hospitals, schools, etc. to source food locally.

Contact: maryshieldsfranklin@hotmail.com or 07801 506 173. 

Mary Franklin outside County Hall

Mary Franklin