Oxfordshire Green Party

Ann Duncan, candidate for St. Margarets

A vote for Green Party candidate Ann Duncan is a vote to:

Protect Oxford’s natural and architectural heritage in and around St. Margaret’s

The current campaign to protect Port Meadow, spearheaded by Greens, is now a broad-based campaign challenging the legality of the Roger Dudman Way development by Oxford University.

Strengthen local democracy

Strengthen the community’s say over proposed developments and encourage high “eco”-standards: e.g. for the Diamond Place development in Summertown, and any other proposed housing and/or commercial developments affecting local residents.

Expand and improve the cycle path network in and around Oxford

Much improvement is needed to make cycling safer and more pleasant e.g. more cycle paths, fix pot-holes in roads, join up cycle routes.

Fight to keep our NHS public

Only the Greens can be relied on to keep our NHS public, as Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dem governments have all undermined it, with the current Coalition trying to privatise it through the backdoor.

Protect public services for the most vulnerable from cuts imposed by the Conservative County Council

Only the Greens have put forward alternative Council budgets (at an average cost of less than 40p/week on each Council tax bill) that seek to minimise cuts and their impact on children and older and disabled people. It’s the Greens who have opposed privatisation of services.

Help create a strong and sustainable local economy

Oxfordshire could be a “Green economy” leader, attracting more research, innovation, investment and jobs in biotech and low-carbon industries, renewable energy, insulation, recycling, etc. Only the Greens are proposing local investment via a Green New Deal – and we would prioritise small independent businesses.

Meet Ann Duncan, your Green CountyCouncil candidate for St. Margaret’s:

I started working on environmental issues with an NGO that I chaired at university.

As an economist with nearly 30 years’ experience in international development, I have experience in planning and budgeting (including for the health sector); in project development and appraisal; and in working with communities, NGOs and with different levels of government.

I have worked with the World Bank, the Department for International Development, and have volunteered with an environmental NGO in Greece. I have lived and worked in several developing and developed countries.

During the 1980’s I lived in Summertown, and my son was born in Oxford. I returned to Oxford four years ago and have a daughter studying at university.

I have stood for the Green Party in two City Council elections. I am strongly committed to social justice and environmental sustainability.

Please feel free to get in touch at annduncan@greenoxford.com or 432750

Ann Duncan

Ann at the Trap Grounds by the Oxford Canal