Oxfordshire Green Party

Peter Dragonetti candidate for Henley

Peter Dragonetti is a Chartered Accountant, and lives near Henley at Goring Heath, where he is chairman of the Parish Council. Peter has been active in community action for many years, particularly in Goring Heath where he has initiated and organised things as varied as the local litter blitz, purchasing for the community of common land to secure its future, securing a road closure order for the local Remembrance Day ceremony, and creating footpaths. Peter has lived in Goring Heath for over 25 years, previously in London he was one of the early leaders of the London Cycling Campaign, fighting for improving cycle facilities in London against massive odds.

The County Council has let Henley down too often, whether it is the fiasco over the highway land grab by Chesterton’s or the chaos over the route of Challenge Henley. With the Cabinet structure that has been set up by the Conservatives for County Council, any Conservative councillor elected is just lobby fodder, unable to challenge the party line, so a Conservative vote in Henley is a wasted vote. Henley needs a strong independent green voice, someone who can represent the people of Henley not the narrow interests of the Conservative party.

Peter Dragonetti