Oxfordshire Green Party

Paul Creighton, candidate for Chipping Norton

Paul has lived and worked in the County for 16 years, and now lives in Witney with his partner, who is a teacher, and their 3 children. Paul has wide experience and a range of skills he can bring to the County Councillor role. He is an Occupational Psychologist and statistician, running his own consultancy business working with a range of private sector companies, government departments and international development agencies. He has worked in industry, as a University lecturer, as a civil servant in the Cabinet Office and as an Occupational Psychologist.

“I stand for the Green Party because I want to live in a sustainable and fair society in which we manage the world’s resources responsibly and treat each other with care and respect. I want us to leave to our children a world worth living in – and we can start at a local level. I believe in evidence-based policy making – we should make decisions because we have good evidence they will be beneficial, and not on the basis of personal whim or political dogma, which seems to be the modern fashion. If elected, I will bring integrity and hard work to the role. I have a broad experience of life, but no experience of politics – and that might be a good thing.”

Paul Creighton