Oxfordshire Green Party

Colin Clark, candidate for Wroxham and Hook Norton and for the Hook Norton district by-election

Colin Clark has lived in North Oxfordshire for thirty years.

After an apprentice compositor he became a mature student and then a NUPE official. Later he joined Birmingham City Council and retired as a Head of HR. At 53 he obtained an MA and is a CMIPD.

Colin Clark’s specific County Council interests are life long learning, rural transport and protection of the vulnerable. The Green’s policy of localism, valuing individuals and the environment and working for a sustainable future is the right prescription for today’s challenges. He says that the Greens offer an exciting future for the young and a reassurance to the older generation that the world will be left in safer hands.

Colin's political priorities when elected will be to:

  • explore again the Green Party's costed proposals for a small increase in Council Tax to protect the most vulnerable and improve insulation;
  • form a provident society composed of local councils (including parish councils), local housing associations, local builders and mutual building societies to build affordable mixed tenure green housing. Such a society would be expected to pursue development opportunities as keenly as private developers. The first step would be for Cherwell Council to compulsory purchase redundant MOD land. Funding for this project will come from income streams from rents, the issuing of local bonds and loans from pension funds. Architectural and construction competitions could arouse professional interest. Housing benefit would return to the public finances instead of subsidising private landlords;
  • ensure that every Oxfordshire resident leaving care, the armed services or prison has a multi-agency support plan agreed with them to help them adapt to their new circumstances;
  • set up a consortium of public service purchasers to obtain the best value for the taxpayer and ensure suppliers comply with good employment practices (including the living wage) and to promote stringent food and environmental standards. Such a consortium will provide a one stop accreditation for potential suppliers and reduce tendering costs for local small businesses;
  • Oxfordshire County Council to delegate to Parish and Town Councils the power to impose 20 mph speed limits to improve road safety and reduce pollution.

Colin Clark can be contacted at c.s.clark@btinternet.com or 01869 338064.

Colin Clark