Oxfordshire Green Party

Judy Chipchase, candidate for Isis

I have lived in the Isis Division for over thirty years and have always taken a strong interest in the life of my local community.

Since last year I have been working with the Team who set up The South Oxford Farmers’ and Community Market and I have a strong interest in bringing healthy wholesome and fairly priced local food to my area.

I am also involved with projects on Hogacre Common Eco Park and the running of OxGrow Community Gardens. Our Autumn Harvest Festival has been a great local success, in the two years it has been running.

These interests reflect my deep concern about the need for low carbon living in order to be able to take part in some form of action over climate change. However I am also very concerned at the cuts in our services and the personal, economic and social effects of these on all sections of the community.

I have some experience with how Councils work as I worked as a Town Planner for Oxford City Council for many years. When I went into planning there were real moves going on to fully involve the community. This only receives lip-service now.

My strong belief in community planning has led me to cross over to the other side of the fence to represent the Green Party in its proposed modifications and objections to the City Council’s last three plans – The Core Strategy, Barton AAP, and Sites and Housing DPD. Although planning is not a County Council matter – transport, which is interdependent with planning, is. I also have considerable experience of dealing with complicated matters and bureaucracy, which is very valuable in understanding of what is going on in the County Council.

If I am elected to the County Council, I see my role as standing up for our all our policies in our local Green Manifesto. I will work particularly hard in trying to make the County Council more transparent in its decisions. This will be very difficult if the Council remains Tory led, as it has been for years and years.

Judy Chipchase