Oxfordshire Green Party

David Chanter, candidate for Banbury Calthorpe

I was born in Cambridge and brought up in Gloucestershire and North Hampshire. I have been living in Oxfordshire for six years working as a gardener.

At the age of sixteen, I was enlisted by my sister to clear buckthorn from Braunton Burrows in Devon. At eighteen I became a gardener for the National Trust for Scotland. From both I developed a lifetime’s interest in the environment and the natural world, including campaigning and being actively involved with practical conservation , from trying to save the orangutan to creating a local community orchard.

I returned to gardening after a fifteen years working in HM Treasury. This included six years as Chair of the departments Trade Unions. This role gave me an insight in to all levels of the organization and the experience of working with people from the “captain’s bridge” to the “engine room”.

I have been also active in local politics for over thirty years, in places as diverse as Andover, Liverpool, London and Cherwell.

My main interest is the environment particular biodiversity (especially with the current devastating loss of species) and the rural economy. Working and living in the countryside the need for jobs, affordable housing, better transport, sensitive land-use and supporting farmers’ livelihoods is self-evident. 

It is now clear the policies of the main parties have failed us: resulting in austerity and inequality. I see green politics as not a diversion or luxury but vital in addressing current social and economic problems. In simple terms, through co-operation, and fairer and more intelligent use of resources such as food, energy and capital, we can improve lives across the planet.

David Chanter

David Chanter