Penalising the vulnerable

Green Party County Councillors have reacted to the Tory-Independent administrations final budget proposals, which include a £2.7million reduction to services for people with learning disabilities.

Sam Coates, Deputy Group Leader said:

“The decision to remove £500K from the proposed cuts to services for people with Learning Disabilities is a step in the right direction. However, this is only a small fraction of the £2.7 million cut being imposed on some of our most vulnerable residents.”

Tracey Taylor, Co-Chair of Oxfordshire learning disability charity My Life My Choice said:

“Everyone at our charity recognises the very difficult position that Oxfordshire County Council has been placed in by the national government budget reductions, but it cannot be fair for society’s most vulnerable people to suffer the most in these difficult times. People with disabilities make up 8% of the population but have suffered 29% of the total cuts nationally. The latest round of proposed cuts by Oxfordshire County Council will only add to the substantial challenges that our members face in their everyday lives.”

Sam Coates said:

"What we are seeing in this budget is homeless, disabled and elderly people being hit hardest,and we don't think that's acceptable. These services help people to live life independently, whether its getting out of the house, getting out of bed in the morning or other home care needs."

Green Councillors will be proposing an alternative Budget to stop all of the most damaging cuts to local services, by asking residents to chip in an extra 30p a week, the price of a postage stamp.

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