Oxfordshire Green Party wholeheartedly supports the Junior Doctors in their industrial dispute with the Government

The dispute over the new contracts which ask junior doctors to work excessive unsociable hours is a stance to try to maintain a quality health service where individuals who work in the NHS can cope with the workload. 

The dispute is not about money, it is about contracts that will place extreme stress on individuals and endanger clear thinking.

In issuing the statement for the Oxfordshire Green Party Alison Williams, Deputy Chair of the Party - whose son is a hospital doctor - said the most stressful period of my son's life was when he was a junior doctor working weekends and nights - sometimes over 56 hours a week with incredible shift changes. There is no way that doctors and other health workers should have to compromise their own health in this way.

There was a reasonable settlement in 2012 between the Government and the BMA but now the Government have deliberately decided to impose new harsh contracts which could also drive many out of the profession, predicted Mrs Williams. 

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