Oxford's future in the EU

A Green Party motion passed by Oxford City Council supports the right of citizens to choose to remain part of the EU and for regions to continue to abide by EU social and environment standards where they exceed those of the UK Government.

full wording of motion

On 23rd June the people of Oxford expressed a strong preference for remaining within the EU. As a City Council, we believe it is right and proper that we do our utmost to represent the views of our electors to those ministers negotiating the UK's

On the assumption that the UK Government are intending to push ahead with Brexit, we ask the Leader to write on behalf of the Council to the relevant ministers reminding them of the city's strong views on EU membership and asking them to seek to negotiate a revised Treaty relationship with the EU which would preserve the undoubted benefits that Oxford and our local economy have gained from the free movement of labour within Europe and from the common standards attaching to
product certification and common environmental standards.

For example, a negotiated settlement could offer UK residents e-citizenship of the EU or EU or dual citizenship could be available to those who meet certain criteria (as is already permitted in several countries). It could allow certain companies who agreed
to be bound by EU legislation preferential access to the single market. 

The City Council will seek to adopt into its own practices and regulatory standards, those aspects of EU legislation which currently or in future provide better social and environmental protection to our citizens eg on air quality, pollution and family rights.

On the basis that we believe Brexit will have a negative impact on Oxford’s economy, its environment and its people, and that the majority of the electorate voted to remain, we will also commit as a Council to do what we can to promote alternatives to Brexit.

Council urges our two MPs to support an amendment to any motion to trigger Article 50 that is submitted on behalf of the
Government which will commit the Government to submit an eventual exit ‘deal’ to a vote in both Houses of Parliament, and a second referendum to approve or reject the terms that have been negotiated.

Council agrees to write to our MEPs asking them to support EU citizenship proposals (Amendment 882 being put to the EU's Constitutional Affairs Committee early in the new year) being put forward by Luxembourg MEP Charles Goerens.

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