Oxford Property Forum backs Green policies

A survey by an Oxford property forum has backed policies long promoted by the Oxford Green Party
1) The introduction of lightweight electric trams in the City
2) The closure of more roads to traffic
3)  Increased density within the City
Says Green Councillor Craig Simmons, "The Greens (along with several retail experts) did warn several years ago that the tripling of the size of the Westgate Shopping Centre would have negative knock-on effects  for the City Centre. The current crisis has amplified this with a predicted 20% retail vacancy rate that will prove disastrous for the local economy as well as reducing business rate and rental incomes to the City Council. This will have a detrimental effect on service provision. Turning back the clock will not be easy, but we need to be bold and look at the changes that the Property Forum is proposing. These are policies that the Greens have been promoting for some time.[3]"

FMI: Craig Simmons 0773 980 3047

[2] Q1: Should we encourage lightweight electric trams in Oxford? 44 responses (77 per cent  = Yes, 23 per cent = No) Q2: Should we close more roads to traffic? (73 per cent = Yes, 27 per cent = No) Q3: Should density levels increase in Oxford? 23 responses (65 per cent = Yes, 35 per cent = No).
[3] The Greens have gone further in some cases by proposing a cable car link from the Redbridge Park & Ride into the City Centre (in addition to the electrification of buses and the introduction of trams). The Greens have also proposed the reallocation of road space as part of a Connecting Oxford Plus plan which also includes Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. 

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