Oxford needs separate, continuous cycle tracks!

Rose Hill and Iffley Low Carbon are currently focussing on encouraging cycling in Oxford and improving the facilities for cyclists and have started a petition.  Please sign if you agree that, “Oxford needs separate, continuous cycle tracks..” 

Over 2,000 cyclists have been injured on Oxford's streets (Oxford Times 7 Nov 2017). Almost all these accidents have occurred because because cyclists use the same space as motor traffic. The Claudia Charter was drawn up after the death of cyclist Claudia Comberti in May this year. It outlines in detail an action plan to make Oxford's cyclists safer. (claudiacharter.uk)

We urge Oxfordshire County Council and Oxford City Council to invest massively in a segregated, joined-up network of cycle tracks throughout the city. This will get people out of cars and onto bikes - thus reducing air pollution, congestion, ill health, noise and our carbon footprint. 

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