Greens celebrate long-awaited introduction of Oxford Low Emission Zone

Greens celebrate culmination of decade long campaign to introduce Oxford Low Emission Zone but say it doesnt go far enough. Oxford's LEZ comes into force on 1st January 2014.

It is more than a decade since local Green Councillors first proposed that Oxford join London in implementing a Low Emission Zone to address Oxford's high (and increasing) levels of air pollution. The idea was first mooted in 2003—when Oxford was declared an Air Quality Action Area.

For example, see Oxford Mail 12th September 2007

Says Green Group leader Craig Simmons,

This Low Emission Zone has been a long time coming but shows that our consistent campaigning on air quality has paid off. A LEZ is long overdue - air quality is continuing to deteriorate in the City Centre. Our concern is that the limited measures proposed will have a minimal effect. It applies only to buses—many of which were already in service last year, when air quality again declined.  And there are several exemptions. There needs to be a clear plan to extend the LEZ to cover all polluting vehicles.

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