Oxford City Council announces city has achieved 2020 emissions reduction target and sets date for Zero Carbon Oxford summit

Oxford City Council has very little to do with carbon reductions, claim Greens, citing Government data [1] which shows that they are an average performing local authority[2]. 

Says Green Councillor Craig Simmons, himself an environmental expert, "There is a lot of good work happening in Oxford aimed at tackling climate change - but none of this work has yet yielded significant reductions. What is driving reductions across the country, and why Oxford can see 40% reductions, is national policy which has increased the supply of renewable electricity. For the City Council to lay claim to some sort of superior performance is at best premature and at worst, misleading 'spin'."
[1] https://data.gov.uk/dataset/723c243d-2f1a-4d27-8b61-cdb93e5b10ff/emissions-of-carbon-dioxide-for-local-authority-areas
[2] Data from Government showing average local authority reductions (red line) compared with reductions in Oxford (blue line).

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