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What would it mean for the people of Oxfordshire to thrive, respecting both the health of the planet and the well-being of people? How can we deal with the climate emergency, transitioning to a truly sustainable Oxfordshire while also improving the lot of people who are not thriving? What should Oxfordshire be like in 5 years' time?

Oxfordshire Green Party wants members all over the county to help develop a visionary policy that we can use to campaign on in the May 2021 local elections. We want your suggestions, which we will collect on our Vision for Oxfordshire ideas site. Just post ideas to it, or click on an existing idea to see comments and add to them (via thumbs up); you will need to log in first using either your email address with a password or your Facebook account (and click Close to get rid of the white panel for starting your own community platform!). The blog below on How to add your ideas explains in more detail how it works.

In the Background topic notes beneath this blog you can also read notes by individual members on various key issues. Looking at the notes on topics that interest you might suggest more ideas for you to add to our Vision. Do add to our understanding of current issues in different parts of the county if you can, as well as adding your suggestions.

If you're interested in a topic that we haven't covered in the background notes yet or on the Vision website, or would like to write on anything more extensively, we would love any offers of writing. There are still some important topics missing.

To get in touch with queries, suggestions, or offers of help, email the Oxfordshire Green Party secretary, Mary Franklin, at maryshieldsfranklin@hotmail.com, or Colin Aldridge at whisperskendall00@gmail.com.

Looking forward to seeing your ideas!

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