Nuala Young, Green Party Candidate for St. Clement's and Cowley Marsh

Nuala.pngNuala Young has a high profile in the City as a peace and anti-nuclear activist.  She has lived in Oxford for 30 years with two sabbatical year gaps in Bristol and California.

Nuala has decided to stand as a councillor at County level again to support and join the Green County Councillors who have been opposing the cuts to basic services, the NHS and to homeless hostels.  Watch Nuala explain why we need Green Party county councillors in Oxford!

She is a committed European, having studied the European Mind for her first degree and Masters, but has reservations about the Corporate Power Influence and the bureaucracy in the EU.  As a Peace person she was unhappy that the UK was a Trojan Horse for the US and Nato within Europe and so often worked to dilute or undermine the generally higher standard Of Environmental & Justice laws in Europe.

She was a City Councillor for St. Clements for 6 years from 2006 to 2012, coming in on a by-election, but decided to stand down as Bob Price the Labour leader gave himself total power as Super Leader and eliminated the Area and other democratic committees. One of her main concerns was affordable housing and rents and so she was very concerned at the Labour support for developers over the needs of the less well off and realised that any promise of a better situation was thwarted by Labour reducing the previous planning committees into 2 super planning committees, gerrymandered so that labour would have a majority in both.

Previously, Nuala had chaired the popular East Area parliament for several years during which time the Green Councillors gave seed funding to Barracks Lane Garden and the City Farm as well as enabling the  setting up of the Friends of Astons Eyot.

Unlike many Labour councillors Nuala's children all attended local state schools. She taught European Culture for one year at Brookes and French, German and English at Middle and Upper Schools in East Oxford.

Being knocked off her bike by someone opening a car door re-inforced her belief that more must be done to make Oxford a safer cycling city.

She is concerned that there is no real commitment by either City or County Council to reduce the serious pollution in St.Clements and Weirs Lane.

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