Vote for Lucy in Northfield Brook on 22 October

Today Lucy Ayrton has been nominated as the Green Party candidate for Northfield Brook. Lucy has challenged the other candidates to a poetry slam.

Lucy Ayrton in front of Soundworks

I have lived in Oxford for the last six years, and Littlemore for the last year and a half. I also work in the city, for a small charity offering rehabilitation services to prisoners. I have run and participated in many arts events in Oxford and write poetry and novels in my spare time. I joined the Green Party last year, as they were the only party representing the fairness and meaningful change I'd like to see.

I want to be councillor of Northfield Brook because I'm passionate about representing the people of Oxford and making sure their needs are met. I want to defend the most vulnerable members of our community and safeguard much needed services for Northfield Brook residents.

When elected I will present a solid left wing voice on council. I will oppose any austerity measures introduced, and particularly work to secure and maintain decent social housing, fight the closure of Oxford children's centres and defend the NHS from further cutbacks. I will champion green policies, and those that welcome migrants into Oxford.

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