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Vote for Sushila Dhall in North ward on 19 September 2013

18 September 2013

North vote share in 2012, Greens 25%At last it is here. The North ward by-election in Oxford. It is between Labour and the Greens. In 2012 the Green Party came second to Labour. So why should you vote for Sushila Dhall, the Green Party candidate?

A vote for the Green Party’s Sushila Dhall is a vote to:

  1. Defend our Green spaces.
    Prevent more Port Meadow disasters.
  2. Stop ruinous planning decisions.
  3. Stop fracking in Oxfordshire.
  4. Restore democracy to the City Council.
    It is the Greens who have consistently supported local power through area committees.
  5. Oppose the cuts—they are not the solution.
    Only the Green councillors opposed a motion to make more drastic cuts to Oxfordshire services such as adult social care. The Conservatives and Labour supported the cuts, the wishy-washy Lib. Dems. abstained as usual.
  6. Defend the NHS against the coalition's privatisation.

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Sushila Dhall