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Now is the time to vote Green: 2 May 2013

2 May 2013

The Green New Deal for Oxfordshire will provide:

  • A strong sustainable local economy
  • Better care for vulnerable people
  • Protection for public services
  • Clear air, greener transport
  • Action on climate change

Today we have a chance to change the way Oxfordshire is governed. Year by year more people suffer as Oxfordshire County Council cut their services to local citizens. The Green Party proposed putting the council tax to a referendum at the same time as this election. Would you spend the price of a stamp every week (40p) to raise and extra £30 million to save critical services for the elderly and our children? The Tories and Liberal Democrats refused to give you that choice. And while the Greens put in a carefully designed, costed, fair budget, Labour did not even propose any alternative to the Tory County cuts.

Here are some highlights from our manifesto:

  • A genuine Green New Deal will invest locally to cut energy, create employment and revitalise our local economy.
  • We will fight to keep our services public and minimise cuts: in the Fire Service, our schools and our NHS. Only the Greens can be trusted to expose the folly of recent Government legislation to privatise sections of the NHS. we want schools to cooperate, not to ‘compete’ against each other.
  • We will meet the climate challenges in Oxfordshire, through a coherent programme that involves all the District Councils, business groups, trade unions and community organisations in reducing carbon emissions in Oxfordshire. Let's make sure our children will not have to suffer even more weather extremes and floods.
  • Cycle deaths are increasing in Oxfordshire. Green plans will stop that. We will improve public transport, and support new local railway connections.
  • Greens have the best record of fighting for enviromental improvement, protecting green spaces and reducing waste.

Use your imagination, vote for a real practical change. Vote Green on 2 May.

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