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Taxman Hartnett Receives Award

5 October 2012

Last month Dave Hartnett, former head of HM Revenue and Customs, was celebrating his recent retirement as the guest of honour at a dinner for the tax dodging industry. Local activists and Greens dropped by to present Dave with an ‘award’ for lifetime services to corporate tax avoidance – the Golden Handshake.
Hartnett personally signed off the deal that let Vodafone off £6billion in tax, and is known as the most wined and dined civil servant. Clearly he got too close to the tax dodging industry he was supposed to be regulating.

The Tax Justice Network estimates that around £25 billion is lost to tax avoidance every year. Green councillor Sam Hollick was there to present Hartnett with his ‘award’: “The government is cutting £millions  from the benefits of people who are on low pay, out of work, or with disability needs. Oxford City Council is being told to implement these cuts or take the money from other public services. If rich companies had to pay their share of tax due, there’d be no need for these cuts.”

Watch the reaction to the award presentation


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