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Vote Sushla Dhall to save Port Meadow

17 September 2013

Sushila Dhall founded the Campaign to Save Port Meadow in September 2012, in response to widespread dismay as the Roger Dudman Way buildings rapidly warning went up without prior warning and with no Environmental Impact Assessment.

Campaigners’ Freedom of Information requests have uncovered a number of irregularities in the planning process, including:

  • intrusion into the ‘protected’ view-cone;
  • Oxford University stating in the planning application that the development ‘will not be visible from the majority of Port Meadow’;
  • the city Heritage Officer’s advice being ignored without a lowering of the roof heights; and
  • soil contamination remediation not being carried out.

There is concern for the badgers which are enclosed at one end of the allotments with a tunnel railway taking them line, along whichthe many of the badgers are afraid to use.

It is not enough to say ‘never again’. If these flats remain they set a precedent, meaning no view from Port Meadow and no protected view- cone will be safe from developers.

The Campaign to Save Port Meadow is supporting a legal challenge, with an oral hearing due on 23 October.

To join the Port Meadow campaign, please email saveportmeadow@ gmail.com

To get a councillor to fight for you, vote for Sushila Dhall on 19 September. You can also volunteer to help or donate to her campaign.

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