Oxfordshire Green Party

Oxford hustings for the Green Party leader and deputy leader

28 July 2012

To the Oxford Friends Meeting House they came. 4 candidates to take over from Caroline Lucas when she steps down from leader of the Green Party of England & Wales. And 3 of the 4 candidates for deputy leader. On a sunny evening they stated their case and answered questions from local people about themselves and what they would do for the Green Party.

For those who couldn't make it here are the videos of the Oxford GP Hustings. Putting on an event like this isn't free, please consider donating £1 or whatever you can afford to help cover our costs.

Deputy leaderLeader
Candidates: Questions:
  1. UKIP
  2. Rural/urban campaigning
  3. Party finance
  4. Social media use
Candidates: Questions:
  1. Most influential book
  2. Political ambitions and candidate support
  3. Are you a vegan?
  4. Decentralised party
  5. The Brighton budget

Unfortunately, Will Duckworth was unable to join us. We'd like to thank all the candidates for coming, and Danny Chivers for chairing the debate. Ballot papers will be arriving on members' doormats soon, and voting closes on 31st August. The announcement of the winners is due on 3rd September. Don't forget that other positions on the party executive (GPEx) are also up for election, and that voting is preferential so think about your 2nd, 3rd and 4th favorite candidates too!

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