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Oxford City Council removes link to video of full council from website

21 January 2012

Oxford Green Party have accused the Labour-run Oxford City Council of trying to 'hide' videos of Full Council meeting after the link to the page containing the videos was removed from the Council's website.

The page is still there but inaccessible unless you already know the web address*.

"This is an issue of democracy", says Craig Simmons, a former Green Councillor and creator of the People Power Oxford Facebook group which is highly critical of Oxford City Council's democratic record. "We have seen the COuncil ignore the public consultation on area committees and cut community decision-making, funding and planning powers. They have reduced the number of Council meetings to stifle political opposition, created one-person committees, centralised power in the hands of a few Councillors, and limited the right of the public to speak at Council meetings. Now we find they are denying access to video evidence of their performance in Council meetings. One has to wonder what they are trying to hide!"

*The hidden page can be found here: Link to Oxford City Council full Council meetings.

FMI: Craig Simmons 0773 980 3047

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