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Oxford Green Party supports Occupy Brookes

18 April 2012

Adam Ramsay wrote the following to Occupy Brookes today:

Dear Occupy Brookes,

I am writing on behalf of the Oxford Green Party to offer you our support, solidarity and congratulations on your inspirational occupation. The assualt on education must be resisted. The attack on public services must be stopped: these things are the very fabric of our civilisation, and they only exist because people are willing to stand up and assert once more that they are ours and they won't be taken away.

Many have argued that the student resistance is dead. The Tories have dared to believe that they have won. But as you are showing, our movement is only just getting going.Today, you aren't just demonstrating that, you are inspiring others.

People will tell you that what you do is a waste of time, they will laugh at you. These people have no understanding of history. It was through mass occupations of the Crofts that the Highlanders secured their basic rights in the 1870s. It is through mass occupations of their work place that Glaswegians kept their ship yards open in the 1970s. They too were mocked at the time.

Best wishes,

Adam Ramsay - Green Party candidate in the Carfax ward, on behalf of the Oxford Green Party

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