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Living and doing business in Oxford will get more expensive

28 January 2013

For the first time, City Council incomes from fees and charges (from local residents and businesses) is set to surpass that from Government grants as the Council poises to raise more money through local revenue generating schemes in their forthcoming budget (now out to consultation) and Central Government income is cut.

Living and doing business in Oxford is going to get more expensive as the City Council seeks to increase income to plug the gap left by Central Government cuts, warns Green Councillor David Williams. This will be extremely damaging to those already having money troubles - residents and businesses alike. The Council can help by being more selective about how it levies its fees and charges.

One example of the poor application of local fees and charges criticised by the Greens include increased covered market rents which are leading to an influx of more multinational chains which will ultimately lead to a loss of local jobs and revenues. Greens have also been critical of the job cuts at Oxford City Council in recent years. 

The Greens are meeting with City officers to explore less damaging alternatives and have pledged that their budget - to be launched in two weeks - will protect the local economy and support job creation.

You can tell the council what you think. They have a consultation running until 30 January 2013.

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