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Our Green MEP objects to Lye Valley development

8 August 2013

Following on from an interesting and informative visit with residents and Greens to the Lye Valley SSSI* in Oxford in April 2012, Keith has submitted a letter to Oxford City Council objecting a planning application for 10 houses on a piece of land adjoining the SSI.

The letter states:

The development site currently forms a vital buffer to the Site of Special Scientific Interest at Lye Valley. I visited the Lye Valley Local Wildlife Site and Fens 16 months ago and it was clear to me at that time that any encroachment on the remaining land around it would have a detrimental impact on the special nature of the Lye Valley.I am also concerned that too much weight is being given to hydrological SUDS to mitigate runoff on the development site. I understand that there is insufficient evidence that the proposed mitigation will work and I support the concerns of local wildlife groups and campaigners about the impact on local springs and the potential for pollution.
In addition, I understand that the area neighbouring this site includes housing with no gardens so this land provides a vital space for local children. At a time when the levels of childhood obesity are growing, maintaining convenient and accessible open space is this is vital.

MEP at Lye Valley

* SSSI = site of special scientific interest.

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