Oxfordshire Green Party

1 August 2013

Please send all CVs and covering letters to Alison Williams, alisonwilliams20092009@hotmail.co.uk, by the 14th of August 2013.


Purpose of Job: To provide administrative support to Oxfordshire Green Party (OGP) so ensuring the smooth running of the Party.

Responsible to Oxfordshire Green Party: This will involve line management via the Chair.

Hours of work: 32 hours a month. The allocation of hours to be determined by the post holder and the line manager.

Pay: The post holder will be self-employed and paid at £9 per hour. The post holder will need to invoice the treasurer for hours worked and expenses incurred.

Work base: The post holder's home using post holder’s computer and internet capabilities.

Notice: Four weeks notice of termination of the contract will be required from either side.

Supervision: the line manager will give quarterly supervision.

Appraisal will be undertaken 6 monthly in the first year, and then yearly thereafter, involving the line manager and members of the selection panel.

Confidentiality: The post holder will come into contact with some information that is not in the public domain and will be required to respect its confidentiality.

Review: The job description will be reviewed 6 months after an appointment is made.

Probation period: 6 months. Initial contract 12 months.


Main Tasks:

  1. Attend and take minutes at the Business meetings, and distribute them, with the action points raised, to members.
  2.  Administer the Oxfordshire and national CIVICRM membership database: welcome new members via email and in the newsletter; liaise with the national Green Party regularly regarding the members' database; pursue membership renewals in consultation with the national Green Party; produce updated membership lists as needed by OGP officers; regularly post updated membership file as a Google Docs to share with development officer.
  3. Manage the supporter and member email lists via Nationbuilder.
  4. Produce, layout and distribute the monthly Newsletter via email and post including collation of materials from OGP officers and members (commissioning and creating these where necessary), insertion of general meeting minutes précis, future meeting agenda and calendar of events.
  5. Act as Members’ Website administrator (with development worker); act as Oxon Green Party Facebook page administrator (with others); work with the media group, and others, to update and maintain the OGP website.
  6. Respond to routine enquiries from the public, including through a dedicated OGP phone.
  7. Receive national Green Party and other communications and distribute as necessary (i.e. act as Local Party Contact).
  8. Within available time, undertake other administrative duties at the request of OGP via the line manager.
  9. Keep track of hours worked and discuss with line manager at supervision meetings.


Person Specification

The Post holder will be:

  • a member or be prepared to become a member of the Green Party of England and Wales;
  • computer literate, must have DTP skills and website management skills (or be willing to learn)
  • willing to learn how to use Nationbuilder
  • an effective communicator, persuasive and enthusiastic;
  • capable of being aware of a wide range of Green Party matters, national and local, formal and informal and of bringing awareness of these to the everyday tasks of the job;
  • able to work under pressure and to deadlines;
  • organised, efficient, systematic and self motivated;
  • able to demonstrate a commitment to green values;
  • can understand and maintain confidentiality
  • have directly relevant administrative experience.




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