Oxfordshire Green Party

Greens oppose CCTV in taxis

13 April 2012

Craig Simmons, the Green candidate in St Mary's ward in the forthcoming City Council election has protested about the plan to force local taxi drivers to install CCTV (with audio recording) into all of Oxford's cabs and private hire vehicles.

Craig says ‘This is a total and utter invasion of privacy, reminiscent of George Orwell's 1984. From whispers of affection to confidential business conversations, private chats, addresses and phone numbers, everything said in the back seats of Oxford's cabs and taxis will now be recorded. Ostensibly, this is to protect taxi drivers. Yet most of them don't seem to want it or need it. There is already the option to video record (without sound) trouble-makers which is surely sufficient. This is not the first time our Labour-run council has sought to erode our liberties. They have previously banned spontaneous gatherings at Bonn Square (such as those which took place in protest at the war in Iraq and student fees). This is another small nail in the coffin of our human rights.'

Craig has now written to the Information Commissioner on behalf of the Greens expressing our opposition and asking for an update on their investigations into the CCTV plan.


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