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Green Cllr Larry Sanders speaks out against cuts to public services saying councils have 'All the Wrong Priorities' in his letter to The Oxford Mail.

11 September 2012

In the letter published in the Oxford Mail on 10th September 2012, Cllr Larry Sanders says:

"We have become used, year in and year out, to drastic cuts in essential public services.

And Oxfordshire County Council is promising much more of the same. This will impact most heavily on the elderly and young people with disabilities; our already sub-standard roads and footpaths, and our precious libraries and children’s centres.

But it still doesn’t have to be like this. The disasters we are passing through are based entirely on political dogma and the weakness of the Labour opposition.

The Conservative-Lib Dem Government is in its seventh attempt to start the failing economy by paying banks to lend money – an attempt which will fail like the ones before it.

Whether through rebellion within the Government parties, or a new election, this latest useless approach will eventually give way. To benefit the bank, the Government has created hundreds of billions of pounds out of nothing.

The majority of economists agree that using a fraction of this money on useful services such as those for which the county council is responsible would be far more effective in helping the economy.

We can have social care, roads, libraries and children’s centres, and put the money in the hands of people who will spend it. The county council needs to start talking to county residents about how we want to begin to build the community-based services from which we can all benefit and of which be proud."

Cllr Larry Sanders is also Joint Chair of Keep Our NHS Public in Oxfordshire.


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