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Oxford GP leadership hustings

28 July 2012

7 of the 8 candidates came to Oxford on Thursday to present their case to local members. You can now see the videos of the hustings.

Oxford Hustings

26 July 2012

Come and hear the candidates speak, and have the chance to question them about their vision for the party at the Friends Meeting House, 26 July 2012, 1800-2000

County by-election July 12

18 June 2012

Paul Skinner has been chosen as the Green Party candidate to fight the Oxfordshire County Council by-election in Cowley/Littlemore on July 12.

The Fracking Song

23 May 2012

Greens overtake LibDems and Tories in popular vote

05 May 2012

In this week's City Council election the Green Party won more votes than either the Liberal Democrats or the Conservatives.

5 reasons why students should Vote Green

03 May 2012

Greens are already represented on Oxford City and Oxfordshire County Councils. There are at least five good reasons to cast a ‘student vote’ on 3rd May in the City Council elections and good reasons why that vote should be cast for the Greens.

Guide to Voting

02 May 2012

A quick guide to voting in the Oxford City Council elections.

Those naughty LibDems...

02 May 2012

We have been asked by a number of residents to explain the claims made about Greens on various LibDem leaflets doing the rounds in Oxford City. Here is a rushed response.

Why vote Green on 3 May

27 April 2012

David William's impassioned argument for voting Green on 3rd May 2012, at the launch of the campaign for the Oxford City Council elections. (video)

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