Celebrating diverse communities

Oxford has a strong history of welcoming migrants. Greens are proud to live in such a city that is a living example of the energy immigration brings to communities.

The Green Party firmly believes immigration enhances our culture and diversity, benefits the economy, and improves our relationships with peoples around the world. Green council candidate David Thomas adds:

The UK has a moral duty to offer refuge to all people seeking asylum. Yet the current system is trapping people with no right to work while they wait years for a decision on their right to make a home here. This has to stop.

The Green Party condemns other political parties that are blaming and scapegoating of migrants for the economic and social problems – problems caused by the government's failure to run the economy for ordinary people. We will stand up to UKIP, Tory, Labour and Lib Dem policies that would shut the door to migrants.

In Oxford, Green councillors are:

  • working to ensure council services like housing advice are accessible to those without visas
  • opposing measures which would force all landlords to check the immigration status of their tenants
  • seeking more support for those filling out the complex forms needed to achieve legal residence
  • calling for an end to the student visa crackdown

A vote for the Green Party is a vote to stand up to the scapegoating political elite.


Read more about what the Oxford Green Party are saying on HousingPublic services, and the Local Economy or read our manifesto.

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