Media: Local COVID-19 contact tracing system launched to support national efforts

Green Councillors across Oxfordshire have welcomed the additional support that will be offered by local contract tracing to support national systems. 

Says Oxford Green Councillor Dick Wolff, "From the outset, contract tracing lacked the local on-the-ground support that is so essential to achieving a high contact rate.  This joint initiative by Oxfordshire's councils is therefore very welcome. But, importantly, efforts now need to go into improving data quality and availability. Without this the best contact tracing system will fail to find those at risk of infection. What this means is that premises have to be responsible and display QR codes (a recent story in the Oxford Mail found that only 7 out of 50 premises in the Westgate were displaying QR codes) and residents have to be diligent about checking-in."
13th October 2020
FMI: Cllr Dick Wolff 07968 486854

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