Matt Ledbury - Green Party candidate for Blackbird Leys

Matt Ledbury - Green Party candidate for Blackbird Leys


Since I first came to Oxford over a decade ago, I’ve seen how the city has become ever more unaffordable. We need a city council that finds new and imaginative solutions to the challenges it faces, not the same old tired answers of the past.

I have been a social and environmental campaigner most of my adult life. I work on transport and energy policy, and believe that we have in Oxford the skills and ideas that could make the city a model for the future.

What will you do if you are elected?

If elected I will prioritise:

·         Housing – creating more affordable homes including through rent control, and making better use of existing land and buildings rather than trying to eat into the greenbelt as an ‘easy answer’ to providing homes.

·         Opposing ‘austerity cuts’ – ensuring that we fight to support the elderly, the poor, the sick and the young.

·         Cleaner environment – making a serious attempt to curb air pollution including through a more sustainable approach to transport.

·         Support for the vulnerable – opposing policies that criminalise boaters, buskers and the homeless

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